We all know that time moves along and here it is 2017.  Of course in the Corvette universe it is always a good year.  As always we will have several great Corvette shows to attend, 
events to participate in, maybe drive in parades, etc.  Personally I have driven in parades with county queens and politicians.  You probably can't guess which I prefer.

This year the Solid Axle Corvette Club convention will be in October in Florida.  This is going to be spectacular and you can get all the information by clicking the link on the left.

Be sure to check out the chapters page also.  We have great active chapters.

And if you have a technical question, visit our Technical Help page.  We try to answer questions as quickly as possible.

So enjoy the ride...make sure every mile is a smile.

Jack "Doc" Hollada (Holiday)
email: jhollada@casscomm.com

For a membership application click HERE.  To visit the Membership Page click HERE.
Note: If you are unable to print our application form, simply email jhollada@casscomm.com, send me your mailing address and I will send you one.


  Remember, stay wrapped in plastic fantastic...See ya at the events...Jack "Doc" Hollada.