SACC 2004 National Convention Agenda

Holiday Inn University Plaza

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Tuesday, 13 July


Time to unload the truck.  The registrants
need those goodie bags!!




Here's the registration crew.





Next it was socializing and 
a great buffet.  Peter Montez 
and Joshua Johnson made sure
everybody had enough to eat
and drink.  They did a great



Note the party atmosphere going
on at the buffet.  The food and the 
service were excellent.


Jack and Cheryl Jarvis, of Charleston, 
West Virginia presented SACC Pres.
Noland Adams with a picture of Noland's
'53 as it appeared first in line at last year's
Corvettes at Carlisle.




Joe and Vera Pruitt, owners and promoters of 
the National Corvette Homecoming, stopped by
to get registered for our convention.  (L toR) Max
Brockhouse, Joe Pruitt, Mary Rae Brockhouse, and 
Vera Pruitt.






Wednesday, 14 July





<- Bright and early  
it was a tech session
with SACC Pres.
Noland Adams.







 Note the happy students fulfilling their
  knowlege needs.



1954 was the
car at this 
Mike and Barb 
Boyer of York, 
Pa. won best

Mike received a nice
silver bowl.






The tech session moved
outside as Bob and Karen
Pinkney pointed out the
features of the '57 that
they have owned for 45



The license plate on
Bill Huffman's car shows
the metal tag affixed in the 
corner.  This is what
preceded the tape stickers
we all know and love.







Lunch time.  It is a well known
fact that a solid axle will dress
up the appearance of any
restaurant.  This is SACC VP
Max Brockhouse chatting
with admirers of his '58.



Next it was Holley's world
headquarters and 



T.J. Johnson was our tour
guide.  He is the NOS
New Product Engineer.
He also drag races
his Chevelle every





<-This is                  
showing a 1903

Kyle handles->
NOS tech


What is a convention without a banquet? 
And what's a banquet without awards?  
This is SACC VP Max Brockhouse
presenting a silver bowl to Joe and 
Vera Pruitt, promoters of the National
Corvette Homecoming.  This award 
was in appreciation for the great 
cooperation extended to SACC by
the Pruitts.



Here's a view of the best banquet
going on that evening at the hotel.
Actually, it was the only banquet
that evening.





Thursday, 15 July


 Up and at 'em.  First we went to Total
Engine Airflow, near the hotel.  No one around
there had ever seen that many solid axles in one





It was high tech cylinder head digitizing. 
Owner Brian Tooley explains the process
to SACC Pres. Noland Adams (center).



They had a display that told the whole
story.  (L to R) a stock cast head, 
a ported head, and a hand blended




Next we convoyed cross-town to
RC Components, makers of custom
wheels and accessories for 





Plant manager David Hummer (left), gave us a
very informative tour.  SACC Pres. Noland
Adams is gaining information about two-wheeled
vehicle wheels.



Kimberly and Melissa make sure you get
exactly what you ordered.








Then it was on to the Corvette
National Museum.  The solid axles
filled the circle drive.  History was about
to be made.


Museum Director Wendell Strode
came out to greet the Solid Axle group.
(L to R) Doc Hollada, Noland Adams,
Wendell Strode, Max Brockhouse.


The Solid Axle Corvette Club
officers unveil a brick at the 
entrance to the National Corvette
Museum.  Lifting the cover is SACC
President Noland Adams (L), and 
SACC VP Max Brockhouse.  Standing
are SACC Secretary Lucy Badenhoop
and SACC Treasurer Larry Richter.
The crowd that had gathered cheered
when the cover was lifted.





Noland Adams presented the model
of HMS Snowberry to Museum director
Wendell Strode.  The ship is a corvette, a
British warship smaller than a destroyer, 
the namesake of Chevy's new sports car 
in 1953.  The model was painstakingly
assembled by SACC member Professor 
Frank Spikes of Kansas.  Mr. Strode
announced that the ship is a "Great addition to the
museum that will enhance our mission of presenting the
history of America's sports car."

This is the Hall of Fame section where our SACC 
President Noland Adams is feted by the National 
Corvette Museum.  Noland was elected to the Hall 
of Fame in recognition of his outstanding contributions
to the Corvette community.











Then we drove the cars off the pavement
and onto the infield.  This photo shoot capped off
a great two day convention; but wait, it's not over.
Tomorrow we head over to the National Corvette
Homecoming for two days of festivities.  What a 
way to spend the weekend!!!


Friday, 16 July, and Saturday, 17 July

The action moved to Lampkin park and the National
Corvette Homecoming.  Solid Axles greeted the
folks in a big way as they entered


SACC treasurer and lecturer Larry Richter (r) presented
information on both days.  His seminars were well
appreciated. Also lecturing was Richard Yanko.





There were twenty celebrity judges at the Homecoming.
Your humble web-site editor and SACC VP Max
Brockhouse were among those chosen.




Next it was time to line up for the road tour
to downtown Bowling Green.  Destination- the
downtown park in the square where the party
had already started.


As I mentioned, the party had already started.  The 
5 Man Trio band was really rockin'.  



Meanwhile, that evening SACC Pres.
Noland Adams was given
the key to the city.







When we got downtown for the party, we
found a beautiful park with a historic 
fountain and a rockin' band playing. Note
the Solid Axle ladies on the park bench. When
they learned that Noland had been given the 
key to the city, they rose to their feet.



Noland was presented the key
to the city by the Honorable Mayor
Sandy Jones, who was also a 
celebrity judge.











Next day it was a C1 and a cousin C6 on display.
This was the photo-op of the day.  



Gordon Killebrew had a great seminar presentation.
Also individually many people were helped, 
including me!  When I got home I soldered this
connector as instructed, and now my C-4 headlight 
works just fine.











And here you thought that C-1's are no
good for hauling.  Sara Cecil had to have her own 
parking meter.  No problem getting it home.





Corvettes and beautiful women just seem to go together,
don't they?  This is Laurel Hodges and her mom, Vera
Pruitt with one of the C-6's that the General brought to 
the Homecoming show.





Celebrities signing the posters were Noland Adams,
Larry Richter, John Ballard, Gordon Killebrew, 
Wil Cooksey, and Joe Pruitt.






Here's the display by panorama photographer
Brad LaPayne.  Brad took a solid axle panorama
photo.  Brad's website is









Last but not least, the show moved to 
the host hotel with a cruise-in.  Promoter 
Joe Pruitt is interviewed by the media.






All in all it was a great convention.  A big "Salute" to SACC VP Max Brockhouse 
who worked for months putting the whole thing together. Homecoming promoter 
Joe Pruitt made sure the red carpet was rolled out for us.  The accommodations 
were top notch, and the ladies enjoyed many outings.  Next year.. Corvettes at Carlisle.




For more information on the National Corvette Homecoming, click: