Several years ago our webmaster, Dr. Jack Hollada began getting questions from owners who saw our website.  As the questions increased,  a team of 14 solid axle Corvette experts was assembled to provide correct information for those Corvette owners. 
Hundreds of answers were given to questions received by 1953-62 Corvette owners who needed help to maintain, repair, or restore their cars.
The answers are here in this 72 page book. Soft cover 8 1/2 X 11 magazine size pages.  Answers are organized by section - Engine, Exterior, Interior, Chassis, Driveline, Electrical, and Miscellaneous. Sections are subdivided further; as an example the Chassis Section if further divided into Brakes, Frame, Steering / Alignment, Wheels / Tires and Springs-Front & Rear.
Every page of this book is information - no ads, no pictures, no filler - just good information that every 1953 to 1962 Corvette owner needs.
Typical questions picked at random:  Do you know the answers?
1) I have a 1960 Corvette and the trunk lid is sagging. I have new springs, but how do I compress them to
    install them?
2) Can you tell me the proper way to adjust the top for a 62 Corvette? The frame hinge over the door on both
    sides will not straighten out. 
3) I have a red 1961 Corvette with black interior. What is the correct color for my wheels?
4) Which other vehicle rear end housing will fit a 1959 Corvette without major modifications?
5) Will an early tach drive distributor work with an early Rochester fuel injection unit?
6) I have a 1954 original Corvette and the engine color is not the blue that everyone sells. It is more of a
   blue/green. Do you know where I can get it or a paint number?  The answers to these and more than 250 other questions are inside this book. 
Orders must be received by March 31, 2014 for early order pricing.

Everyone involved in this project is volunteering their time and effort. 


Club Members: 
Before April 1: Special "Early Bird Offer" - Make check payable to "Solid Axle Corvette Club for $19. ($15.+$4. S&H)
After April 1: Make check payable to "Solid Axle Corvette Club" for $24.00 ( $20.00 + $4.00 S & H ) (US)

Non-Club Members:  
-Make check payable to "Solid Axle Corvette Club" for $34.00 ($30. + $4. (S&H) (US)
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