2009 National Convention

Talk about a great weekend, the Southern California Chapter put on a great convention.  Here are some
pictures and highlights:

July 17, 2009.  Here is the entryway to the Sheraton Four
Points Hotel in Ventura, California.  It is check-in time
for our stay.










Here's the registration area.









We had secure parking.  Here is our parking area.








I found Blair VanOrden who showed me his
"Elephant Ears Brakes".  These parts were
designed and fabricated by Blair, using exotic
parts obtained from Nevada.









The club had adjoining hospitality rooms with
balconies.  Here you see the diners enjoying
the evening reception courtesy of Corvette









July 18, 2009:

Bruce Fuhrman opens the Tech sessions.











Doug Prince goes over clutch linkage.










Jeff Reade went over the T-10 and (pictured) 
Muncie transmissions.









Larry Pearson conducted the session on
trouble shooting generators.








Chip Werstein and Mike McClosky showed
special tools that they have either found or made

There was spirited bidding up to $1,200. for some
of these tools.  Not really.










Then later on that evening we went over
to the other side of the harbor, to the
dinner boat.









Here's the interior of the boat.  The host
was bringing a tray of appetizers. The appetizers went fast.









July 19, 2009:

It's road tour time!  Here's the front of the
pack, with Bruce Fuhrman's '54 in the lead.

The line went around the curved driveway
and all in all about 60 cars participated.








Larry Pearson (standing) worked out
the route, and it was a good one.

Cooling his heels waiting to go on the
tour is Rick Mallin.







The group made it's way to the Timbers
Restaurant in Goleta, California.  The Timbers
has quite a history, it was constructed
using timbers from a wharf.









Check out these ravenous diners...and
I was all the way back in the corner of the
dining room and couldn't get everyone in the
picture, plus, there was a 'spill-over' room.








Then later that evening it was back to
the Four Points for the banquet and
membership meeting

Here's a view of the participants.










Guest speaker was legendary racer
Dick Gulstrand.  Also present was
Founding SACC President Noland
Adams.  Here you see Noland telling
a tale about Dick.








SACC President Max Brockhouse begins
the membership meeting.












July 20, 2009:


It was time to wave goodbye.  Here
is a floppy axle with it's older









So that was a pictorial synopsis of the 2009 SACC Convention.  It's safe to say that everyone had a good
time, learned stuff, and enjoyed the experience.

The town was nice to us, we even made front page news in the local newspaper.  It all re-affirmed my pride in 
being a small part of the club, and also in having the privilege of doing the website.

-Jack Hollada DC