2012 Solid Axle Corvette Club Convention
Fountain Hills, Arizona
January 15-17, 2012

There was a nearby car show and some members
took part.  The convention kicked off later that








The convention kicked off with a very
nice reception.









Sheriff Joe Arpiao was one of the
distinguished guests.














Here you see Sheriff Joe chatting with
On Solid Ground editor Ken Amrick
and Arizona Chapter President John







1-16-21.  The day started at the Sunrise Canyon Golf
Club (all the way on the left).  Who owns the
orange '58...?...  The owners are Bob and Patty
Sarrillion (left and right).  (Center) is Donna Lee.
This was the check-in station for the tech sessions.






Here's a view of the tech session room.









Here's the audience.









Arizona Chapter's John Marsh introduces
Ken Kayser.  Ken unraveled "History
Mysteries".  It was excellent.









It was multi-media.









Ron Burke gave a presentation on
Corvette water pumps.









Better not over-torque these units. 
Object lesson here.









Historical footnote:  Ron Burke was
on hand in the early days of SACC.

Here you see Ron and SACC President
Max Brockhouse recalling the events.








Next on tap was a visit to the Commemorative
Air Force.  It's C-1's and a b-17.









Here's a better picture taken by SACC President
Max Brockhouse.












Here's a view from the cockpit.
No, I didn't sneak up there, it was
OK for visitors to climb aboard.









And it's not very roomy inside.










One of the featured cars was this '54. 
John Randolph has owned this car
for four years.  Behind Jon and Shery
McReynolds is a P-51 Mustang.









This is the dinner set-up in the hangar.
It was first-rate catering and all
enjoyed a very good meal in a great
ambiance seting.









Another featured car in the hangar was
Tom Felten's Baldwin Motion machine.  He was
a friend of Motion Performance's Joel Rosen
in New York and has owned this car
for 49 years.  In fact, he has dyno'd cars with
Joel.  This stock 283 goes to shows, other events.









January 17th.  Time for a road trip!










First stop was Superstition Mountain Lost
Dutchman Museum.

Another car club stopped by, let the record show that
we got there first.









This was the crush mill.











And here's the Assay Office.
Not very spacious, but that's
all they needed.









Here's where a DUI landed you.










Here's Arizona chapter's Garry Mion at the










Elvis made the movie "Charro" on this location.

Speaking of Elvis, start thinking about the 2013

This was in the chapel.  They use the chapel for
weddings and also funerals.














I'm going to digress a little here.  As I mentioned, another
car club dropped by.  This '60 Dodge Pioneer was driven
from Manitoba a few years ago.  It was primo.










Next we convoyed to Tortilla Flat for
a luncheon and visit.











Here's the rustic dining area.  We even had
live music.  It was food and refreshments.











The banquet came later in the early evening.
Here you see the meet and greet cocktail reception.











Arizona Chapter John Randolph was
the banquet's master of Ceremonies












Arizona's Garry Mion thanked all
the volunteeers.














Ken Kayser was the featured
speaker.  His multi-media
presentation dispelled many myths
about the development and
introduction of the Corvette.











At the annual membership meeting elections were held.  Check "On Solid Ground" quarterly magazine which is a membership benefit sent to members for the election results.

The Arizona Chapter did a fantastic job putting on this convention.  They dialed up good weather, set up a great program, and arranged
a wonderful scenic road trip.  Thanks, Arizona Chapter!!

Post Convention:

At the Russo and Steel auction Noland Adams' #283 went on sale.  Noland is the founding president of SACC, and this car was the source of the famous postage stamp.


Photos by Thomas Barnes.






It went way, way six figures.