2016 Corvette Funfest.
September 15-18


First day of Corvette Funfest, not too long after they opened the gates.
As you can note, the solid axles are featured right at the entrance.








So I started walking around and it didn't take long to see something of interest.  This is the booth
for Adams Polishes.  They don't just talk about it, they do it.  Here you see Kenny Yager's '58
being made more appealing by Chris Toth, Detail Technician.











And Mecum Auctions was there with a big 189-wheeler trailer display.  Just walk up the steps and
see for yourself!  (L to R) Jamie McLeod and Jeff Kurz.  

This mobile display is on the road most of the time, Nascar, Ft. Lsuderdale Turkey Red Run, etc..










The show was just getting underway, but SACC had their tent up and SACC VP Brad Bean had the 
merchandise ready for the members, and members of the public for that matter.










Here's a better view of the cars lined up along the entryway.











And it was all smiles under our SACC tent.












Do you like the wind rushing past you?  Do you like fresh air.  Does
a little rain not bother you?  Then this is your vehicle.

This was a demo of the 2016 frame.











The General was there and they are in business to sell new cars.  Here is a display of the 10 colors offered
for the 2017's.











This is the tent with the factory reps and the 2017 cars.    They had at least 6 cars there,
and they took question from the audience.











The 1996 Grand Sport registry was the other group holding their
annual convention.  They were featured at this pit wall and at the
entryway across the lane from us.







A vintage Pepsi truck was also present.












In contrast to the 2017 Corvettes on the premises, I think this was a Karman Ghia.
But don't hole me to it.










This gets complicated.  For the road tour, the Grand sports and Solid Axles were to lead the tour, going 40 miles 
through country roads and culminating in downtown Effingham.  But the Grand Sports were not
parking in downtown Effingham, rather they were coming back to Mid America for their banquet.  So
they were in front of the driving tour, but when arriving to the downtown area, they were to head back.  The
solid axles were to be in front of the downtown parade.  

The Mid-America corporate building is there on the left.








Now that you know the plan, this was the staging area.












But while we waited for  the tour to start, it gave me a chance to interview 
some of the drivers.  This is Michelle Paillou in her '58 that she has owned
for 21 years.  She drives it from April to November to club events, etc.









And this is Todd Powellson in the driver's seat of his car.  Soon to be riding shotgun is Tom Barnes.











There is never any hamming it up at our conventions.












I risked life and limb getting in front of Todd behind the wheel.

Todd had some drama on this trio.  He found that his hood release was locked.  But
he had attended the shop tour at Schultheis Garage and Classics, and they said they would be open all weekend,
and to call if anyone experienced a problem.  Well, Todd had a problem so he contacted them and they said come on over.  So in less than an hour they had his car on a lift, gained access to the release and fixed the problem.  And get this..
Todd enjoyed hors d'oevres while the car was being fixed!










And I caught up with Butch Herman and his AZ 1960.  He has owned it
for 29 years.













So here are the Grand Sports at the front of the road tour staging area.  
When I shot this picture it was just about time to head on out.







And now it is time for the solid axles to head out.










The C-1's had to snake around the floppy axles.










Now the last C-1 is heading out to the tour.












Before heading out to the downtown area, we ran into our newest club members, 
Jonna Laseter and Gary Gruhala.












And this is their nice '61 black beauty.












Now we are in downtown Effingham.  Take a look at this parade entry!  Mike and Laurie Yager
in the front and family members inside Cinderella's carriage.











And here are the C-1's parked at the Effingham County courthouse.












This is the interior of the Fun Dome.  It provides a needed shopping experience.

It is well laid out.











Now it is next morning.  Raining.  Here they are getting ready for the opening ceremony.












Cheyenne Goss sang the National Anthem as a Nashville singer would.  Which makes
sense, since she is indeed a Nashville singer.










And quickly, quickly selected as a Celebrity Choice winner was Bill and Diane Preston's '57.












And back at a dining tent I happened to see Michael Brown being interviewed.  He wrote the film
The Quest.










And this is the tent with the 2017's with engineers pointing out the features of these great cars.








Inside the tent Jeff Strausser is point to features of the new cars.












And the celebrities take time out for an autograph session.  In the foreground is Mike Yager
autographing a poster for a happy participant.











And here is one of the Celebrity Choice winners.  This is Bill and Debbie Stalder's car.
More on the winners in a bit..












And this is the Install Dome.  Lots of exhaust system, other upgrades being done.












There was a '61 for sale in the For Sale Corral.  The notice said it was a 1000mile ago rebuild.
Asking $52,500.












Time for the awards.  Here you see Ashley, the Effingham County Queen, Bill and Diane Preston,
and Mike Yager.  Their stunning '57 won big time.








Bill and Debbie Stalder were winners.








And SACC President Max Brockhouse selected this White/white '59.
Pictured is the queen, Mike Yager, Max Brockhouse and Paul Lemieux.







And Don Eckhart won Celebrity Choice with this nice '59.









Fast forward a day..

So when I saw this 'party bus' I saw that the door was open.  I thought that maybe
they opened the door to ask me to come on in, but...that didn't happen.











Here's how it worked...you could order any product there at the show.  They could tell you right then if it was in stock.
If it is...bingo...just wait a bit and go to the corporate building with your receipt and you have your stuff!

Here is Kendra at the order pick-up desk.  Like all the Mid America staff, she was both helpful and cheerful.











And you don't see this very often...a pink rain cover.  You could tell it did the trick, though.












Here is Mid America CEO Mike Yager.  He was out and about all weekend, chatting and greeting with the folks.












This is the big day for the show...Saturday.  Mike and Family kicked it off with the opening ceremony.












Here is a view of our C-1's parked in the featured parking area.












There was a round table discussion conducted by movers and shakers in the Corvette Universe.

Our own Jan Hyde (white hat) was one of the panelists.











The Install Dome was busier now.  It was exhausts, wipers, oil change, lots of things.












Lots of seminars.  There were three seminar tents and they went all day long.












Lots of wipers and oil filters.













Are your feet tired?  No problem.  This shuttle ran all day!

The driver should have had a tip jar, but he didn't.











SACC VP Brad Bean's car won Celebrity Choice.  Here you see the queen, the celebrity who chose the car,
Brad, and Mike.








This real nice '59 owned by Tony Orndorff was chosen by Max Brockhouse for a
Celebrity Choice award.











This sweet example is owned by Al Sather of Turner, OR.  This car
participated in the 2003 Corvette Caravan.











This is Steve and Gloria Short.  They have owned this '61 for 3 years, they drive it for enjoyment.












And the rockin' show that night was going to be Styx.  One of their hits is "Come Sail Away".  Michelle
Paillou decorated her car for the occasion.











Ok, not the best picture, but you get the idea.  It was a major concert right there for us!.












So that is my recap of the 2016 Funfest, held at the Mid America campus at Effingham, Illinois.  It was a super Corvette weekend, no doubt.  Hats off to Mike Yager, his family,
all the Mid America staff, the volunteers, the vendors, and all those who brought their Corvette!  Looking forward to next year.  Mike hinted that he has a super show lined up.