2007 SACC National Convention Activities Agenda

Wow!, 2007 Convention was great! Kudos, Kudos,
Kudos to the Great Lakes Chapter for the 
thoughtful hard work they did in order to put
on a packed four days of solid (axle) excitement.
Here are some of the pics I took, hope they 
give you an idea of what you missed if you missed
it.  If you were there, check out the pics and recall
the fun we had...


Monday 6/11/07  

Racing legend and champion
Dick Guldstrand was on 
hand to enjoy the outdoor
bar-b-que at the rose garden
along the Fox River at the
Hotel Baker.







The Fabulous MelloTones
from Central Illinois provided
the music.








They were dancing in the aisles.








Tuesday 6/12/07  

Our parking was in a reserved lot behind the hotel, right next to the Fox River.  Here you see us getting ready for the road trip.








Debi and Bill Stalder from California brought their Arctic Blue '57.  Check out the neat trailer.








Here we go, pulling out on our way to Meadowdale.









And here we are on the old what was once race track.  Nature has reclaimed her prominence, but the pavement has endured.








It was a guided tour.










And it was for-real racers on what was once the straight away.









Next we motored over the the Volo Auto Museum.  We had a nice picnic lunch, here you see two warriors (Dick Guldstrand and Noland Adams) discussing automotive technical capabilities (BS'ing.)








Janice Partridge proves that you can't keep the kids off the playground equipment.









It's Back to the Future in this DeLorean.
This is the real deal from the movie.









Who ya gonna call?  GHOST BUSTERS.










Hop behind the wheel of the real Batmobile
from the TV show.









Car 54 Where Are You?










Maybe I'm the only one, but I didn't know they used Cushman scooters in WW II.








Wednesday 6/13/07


Great Lakes Chapter President Chuck
Stika opens the Technical Sessions
























RussBorchardt introduces Rich Verba, who talked about Repro Parts.















Joe Calcagno discussed temp gauge calibration.
















Noland points out that only you can prevent forest fires.
















Larry Pearson discusses batteries and charging systems.















Tom DeWitt reviews radiators.


















Ron Nettesheim describes his vintage racer.  It turned out that he had a booming voice, didn't really need the bullhorn.














SACC President Max Brockhouse opens the 2007 Membership Meeting.

















Here's part of the membership meeting audience.
















Mike McClain, CPA,  was elected our new treasurer.
















Bob Pinkney read a letter to Noland Adams from Michael Hunt.














Now it's a couple of hours later, and everyone has had a chance to get cleaned up for the banquet.  Here is the cocktail hour held in the Rainbow Room.

There was live music to entertain the partiers.










This is the scene at the banquet room.



















Great Lakes Chapter President Chuck Stika announces the winners of the give-aways.
















It was time for the celebrity roast for our own Noland Adams, founding president of SACC.  Handling the duties was John Hinckley.















Jerry Kohn of Corvette Central was the first roaster.


















Next up - Bill Locke.




















Followed by Jim Gestener.




















Next it was Mike Yager, CEO of Mid America Motorworks.
note Noland on his throne.
















Up next - Joe Calcagno.





















Here's another view.  You can see that Noland was on a throne, while the roasters were at his left, at the lectern.















Bloomington Gold CEO Dave Burroughs just about brought the house down.


















You could count on Larry Richter to have some embarrassing stories to relate.


















Noland gets a plaque of appreciation from SACC President Max Brockhouse.



















Joining the celebration were Joe and Vera Pruitt.  Joe is the CEO of the National Corvette Homecoming, held every August in Bowling Green, KY.







Thursday 6/14/07


It was a road tour to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Chuck Stika leads the way to our dinner cruise.











Here's our boat.  We had the top deck all
to ourselves while we sailed all the way around 
beautiful Lake Geneva.  And did I mention
that a very nice lunch was served?  Topped off
with a slice of good apple pie.











Here are the happy tourists.  It was air conditioned (more so than a stock C-1).














This was our view from the picture








The boat dinner cruise was the fitting conclusion of the 2007 SACC Convention, held in St. Charles, Illinois.
Up next - Bloomington Gold.
Great job, Great Lakes Chapter!!