The Solid Axle Corvette Club has eight chapters.



The oldest is the Northwest Chapter

The Chapter covers  Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana in the US, British Columbia and Alberta in Canada.
A Regional Meet and other activities are held year round.


President: Rick Johnson    
VP: Jerry Little
Sec'y:  Bill Eldridge   
Treasurer: Neil Beese
Email contact            
Website:                             (in progress)



The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of SACC
was born early in the evening of August 24, 2001 during  Corvettes at Carlisle  in Carlisle, PA. 






President:                       Robert Cook      
Vice President:               Maureen Strazdon
Secretary:                       Vic Bary             
Treasurer:                       Al Schrmal         



The 4th officially certified chapter is the Central Great Rivers Chapter.  It covers Eastern Missouri, the 
Southern two-thirds of Illinois, and Western Kentucky.  The chapter is known affectionately
as the "River-Rats."


President: Mike Hausman, Metropolis, Illinois 

Vice President: Denny Coughlin, Ellisville, MO -

Secretary/treasurer: Mary Rae Brockhouse, Chapin, Illinois MaryRae



On February 11, 2005, in Ventura, California, the ignition key was turned to "Start," the engine started,   the newest chapter was being formed, the So. Cal. Solid Axle Club. Then on February 26, 2005, at the Odyssey Restaurant in the San Fernando Valley So.Cal. SACC was put in gear and the tires started turning.  The newest chapter was up and running.  The territory spans from Fresno to San Diego and from the Pacific to the Arizona state line.

President: Phil Roche

Vice President: Nyma Ardalan

Secretary: Larry Pearson, Burbank, Ca.

Membership: Barry Charles

Treasurer: Barry Charles
Website:,     Editor:  Fred Kokaska    Email:
Technical Advisor:  Joe Lemay


On June 4, 2005, there was a new bloom in the desert.  The sixth chapter was formed in Phoenix, Arizona, the Arizona Solid Axle Corvette Club.






President: Jim
Vice President:   - George Ray-
Secretary: Phil D'Alessandro-
Treasurer/Membership: Oren Volk
Newsletter Editor: Phil D'Asessandro-
Tech Advisor: John Marsh, Email-
Web Master: George Ray -

Click HERE to visit the Arizona Chapter Website



A new chapter has formed in Florida, it is called the Sunshine State Solid Axle Club.  It was officially ratified at the 2010 Convention in Bowling Green, KY.  Here are the officers:




President:  Willie Strelnik
Vice President:  Monte Hagerman -
Secretary: Karen Russo -
Treasurer: Mike Russo -
Newsletter Editor/webmaster: Ron Dill -



History was made on March 13, 2011 at Karl's Cabin Restaurant in Plymouth, Michigan.  The Michigan Chapter has formed. 




President:   Bill Huffman
Vice President:  Tom Gamache
Secretary:  Cheryl Lemieux
Treasurer: Paul Lemieux
Newsletter Editor: Dave and Sue Ruby
Technical Advisor:  Harry Jones
Membership: West Michigan and Northern Indiana - Rick Smith 
Membership: Middle Michigan and Upper Peninsula - Bill Huffman
Membership: East Michigan and Northern Ohio - Harry Jones

 Email address:



 On October 27, 2012 a new chapter was formed.  The Red River Chapter is comprised of North Texas and Oklahoma.  At the organizational meeting, which was held in the Alliance Bank Building during the 2012 Heritage Car Show in Sulphur Springs, Texas; the chapter name was selected as well as the geography of the chapter. 

We invite any C1 from surrounding states to participate with us until you form your own chapter.

Meetings and cruises are generally held in the SE Oklahoma/NE Texas areas and you’re welcome to come along anytime.




President:                               Bill Preston             
Vice President:                      Verle Randolph
Vice President, Communications and Events:  Diane Preston
Secretary/Treasurer:            Jo Ann Brumit
Newsletter Editor:                 Diane Preston
Technical Advisor:                Bill Preston
Technical Advisor:                Tom Parsons
Membership Oklahoma:      Verle Randolph
Membership North Texas:  Tom Lainson


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