Our 2016 convention was September 12-14 in Effingham, Illinois.  Your website editor was there early
to help get the registration desk set up.  The Holiday Inn provided a very nice facility for our registration
to take place.  We would not have been able to get these facilities were it not for the assistance of 
Mike Yager and the Mid America Motorworks team.












Now fast forward a bit to when the cars started to arrive.  As you can see, there was nice weather which was good for the 
cars and also good for the local folks who just wanted to see the solid axles.












Left to Right: Dale Lael, Gerri Hollada, Mary Rae Brockhouse, Max Brockhouse.












After the board meeting, the chapter reps met.













Here's another view..












Soon enough it was time to line up to convoy over to Mid America CEO Mike Yager's house for a poolside reception.
It was a very short and easy drive.













Here we are at Mike's yard.  Look at the nearest car (red/white).  Looking up from the back edge of the front tire
you can see the mansion where we were shuttled to.












And here is how we shuttled up to the pool patio reception area.
That's Blake Yager at the wheel.  Michael Yager also did shuttle duties.













Hey, it's a tough life!  Here you see Mike's Chevy Bow-Tie pool and beyond that the reception
area.  The weather was spectacular, nobody needed a jacket or air conditioning.












Here's another view.












And another view.












Here you see Mike with a wireless microphone.  He was welcoming us to his poolside reception area, and also he mentioned upcoming events and happenings.












Laurie Yager joined in the welcoming message.












SACC President Max Brockhouse also greeted the Yager family and our group.













And through the magic of electronics, here is that same scene as seen from behind Max and Mike.













And here are three of the party animals.











I shot this picture to provide an over-view of the poolside reception area.












Now it is next morning.  I ran into Jim Clayton with his real nice '62.  He has had the car since 1994.













I talked Jim into climbing out so I could take a better pic.













Also in the parking area was Bill Huffman (Michigan Chapter President) with his very nice '60.  He has 
owned this car since1968, and is the third owner.  It has had a full body restoration.

Quite an interesting story...Bill had sold the car, the new owner later traded it in for a Trailblazer, and Bill
hurried over there and bought it from the dealer.











Time to board the bus for our St. Louis tour.













When in St. Louis.....take the Budweiser tour!













And see the Clydesdales.












No comment.  I wondered if the horse thought we were blue oval enthusiasts.













This is the rotunda at the old court house.













And then it was to the Arch.  I took a somewhat different vantage point for this picture.













Then we boarded the bus, went to The Hill area, and dined at this fine outdoor patio at Favazzo's
Italian Restaurant.  They didn't let us down, either.












And then it was a Rt. 66 icon, Ted Drewes Custard stand for dessert.













And if that wasn't enough, we saw a superb play at the Fox Theater.  

This is just the lobby.












Another view of the lobby, looking back towards the doors.













Now it is September 19.  SACC President Max Brockhouse kicks off the tech sessions.









Bill Preston from Dallas gave a presentation on the art and science of restoring.














Bill Huffman, Michigan Chapter President, gave tips on restoring and how to find information.













Then it was line-up to head on over to Schultheis Garage and Classics.  We convoyed to the other side of town.
There were stop lights, but Max had prepared a map that highlighted the route to take.













And I had a chance to chat with Steve Short and check out his red '61.













Here we are across town, ready to tour Schultheis Garage and Classics.












And here is the showroom.













And our buddy Lori Worman is the manager.












And we were also greeted by Mrs. Schultheis.

They have some real nice cars there.  Some being upgraded or repaired, some for sale.











Shop manager Derek Schmidt (gray tee shirt) discussed the projects that were being undertaken.













I told ya they had nice cars there..













And the MY Museum  at Mid-America Motorworks did double duty this evening, as our banquet and annual meeting
took place there.












And Max presented gifts from the club to Mike and Laurie.  Mike is holding the convention poster 
and Laurie has the vase with flowers.










Here is another view from a different vantage point.













And here is our hosts, Mike and Laurie Yager, with their gifts from the club in appreciation for
hosting our convention.  As you can note, Mike is holding the poster that was signed by all the SACC
participants, and Laurie has the vase on the counter.

I would like to also add my thanks to Mike and Laurie, their sons Michael and Blake, and to all the Mid-
America staff who helped make this a most enjoyable convention.  Thank you, guys!













So that's a pictorial recap of the 2016 convention.  We will be heading to the Sunshine State of Florida in 2017..
-Jack Hollada (Holiday), DC

The very next day was the first day of Corvette Funfest.  Click HERE to learn what all happened there.